How TravelPathway works

A project by Laissez-Passer

A digital identity portal that links visa seekers with local solutions 

Create an account 

Takes few seconds 

You can create an account on TravelPathway by a single click authentication through any of these social media accounts (Facebook, gmail, or Linkedin). 

OR create a native account by entring your basic info, password and sign up. in the case of creating  a native account, you will recieve an activation link to your email. 

Update your passport

You can add more than one passport

Once your account is created you will have to update your passport section to optomize an interactive world map based on your passport mobility. 

If you are a dual citizen you can add second passports. 

Optomized interactive map

Based on your passport 

Once you have finished updating your passport section on the website the interactive map optomizes itself in real time feeds and updates based on any regulations that affect your passport and travel rights. 

You are notified 

Whenever new visa updates are applied

By creating an account and updating your passport you will recieve to the notification area on the website all new regulations, laws and news that are directly affecting your traveling rights and residency status. 

Intuitive & interactive 

Navigating visa solutions through color codes, country list or the interactive map  

TravelPathway is designed to offer interactive and simplified design to finding visa regulation and enable interactivity with intended country of destination. 


Key features

Staying updated

with visa regulations 

Recieve notifications of new regulations that affect your traveling document.

Community of practice

Who have the same passport

who successfully obtained the visa to your intended destination. 

Connected to legal aid

A network of migration projects

with Special attention to travelers who hold volunrable traveling documents.

Dashboard access

For visa applications

To upload, generate, share and download supporting documents.

Automated solutions 

Purchase existing solutions

Buy E-visa as it may applies and Travel Insurance or Electronic Travel Authorisation

Connect with TravelPathway

Explore collaboration with us

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