A passport & citizen identity portal

I appreciate that countries need to control entry, but common sense should rule. Applying for visas should not be a full-time job

Holding a low ranking passport?

It doesn't mean you need to be an immigration expert everytime you want to travel abroad. 

TravelPathway is a platform where you could turn your passport into a digital portal and where you can perform your visa related inquiries, applications, and transactions while sitting infront of your laptop.

Why we started? 

Because The process for requesting and obtaining a visa to travel abroad can be incredibly cumbersome and costly; particularly for restricted passport holders.   

We want to offer the value proposition in which visa seekers find their time and resources are being considered. Through the aggregation of services and enabling the development of supporting documents on a user dashboad. 

It is hard to cope up with visa regulations and updates 

Creating a TravelPathway account enables the platform to send you notifications of all new regulations that affect your passport.

We aim to bridge the information gap around travel requirements, laws and regulations and create an information dessimination tool that can be used by embassies, ministries of foreign affairs, airlines and migration services.

Passport holders also need to navigate complex legal procedures, 

Often  equipped with fragmented and incomplete information at best.   

In TravelPathway we are trying to simplify the process through single clicks, aggregating services and creating a visually rich and color-coded environment to enhance orientation.  

We aim to transform the visa process into a complete digital value chain

In which visa seekers are offered the consistency, orientation, transparency and where their time and resources are being considered.

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Key Features

Staying updated

with visa regulations 

Recieve notifications of new regulations that affect your traveling document.

Community of practice

Who have the same passport

who successfully obtained the visa to your intended destination. 

Connected to legal aid

A network of migration projects

with Special attention to travelers who hold volunrable traveling documents.

Dashboard access

For visa applications

To upload, generate, share and download supporting documents.

Automated solutions 

Purchase existing solutions

Buy E-visa as it may applies and Travel Insurance or Electronic Travel Authorisation

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TravelPathway is currently offering the minimum value product for visa information and notifications regarding new regulations. We aim to scale up through acquiring investment/funding. If you seek a collaboration that enables TravelPathway to scale up, please contact us via the form below.    

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