For organisations and companies who are on the move 

& are at risk due to their traveling documents  

 Organizations and companies may unintentionally jeopardize the security of a staff member or an invited individual due to the lack of understanding the implications of the traveling documents at hands. Often the knowledge of this information is gathered through trial and error. The problem is, with every error, there is an individual that might be at risk of experiencing deportation or being denied future access to a specific country. therefore, the cost of error is much higher when it comes to traveling with a vulnerable traveling document.  

 We are allowing this domain to become an institutional-wide knowledge 

For the organisations

To organisations and events organizers who are inviting individuals or groups who are at risk of visa rejections, detentions, deined acccess or other traveling hardships in association to their passports.  

For Individuals 

Who are employed in emergency context and are constantly traveling to destination countries in which they are not permitted to enter on visa not required or upon arrival.

Organizing a conference or inviting large groups?

We are open for outsourcing collaboration to offer direct assistance and excution of the supporting documents of invited individuals/staff/groups.  In addition to other creative solutions based on the context. 

We provide the framework 

 including customized access to our flagship program TravelPathway services, dashboard, and alerts of regulations that may affect the invited individuals and designed templates for the different required supporting documents as well as reporting mechanisms for incident cases.    

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