It became often normal in conferences, seminars, working groups and cluster meetings that experts, speakers, agencies, donors and NGOs have the free pass to speak on behalf of the refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons and promote their own understanding of the aspirations, needs, and best solutions of these groups.

We aim to enable the beneficiary groups of the humanitarian sector to be the dominant voice on such occasions. It is an abnormality that mixed migrants are the most underrepresented voice in their very own public discourse. 

Our Self-Advocacy program is where we build a roster of passionate refugees and where we work closely with the humanitarian sector to integrate more beneficiaries in the events that concern the services, policies, and programs delivered to refugees and mixed migrants. 

 It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks. 

Dina Nayeri

Author of The ungreatful refugee


We are building a roaster and cadre of passionate refugees and asylum seekers who are interested to participate in events surrounding the public discourse of the services and policies that affect their wider community.
We promote the integration of the roaster we are building in the relevant policy dialogue events, conferences, seminars, and working groups.   

What we offer

Laissez-Passer does not charge any fees from the inviting entities to utilize the roaster we are building and we do not charge the individuals in our roaster under any circumstances, however, organizations interested in our approach should have the financial ability to subsidize the invited individual/s – including covering the necessary logistics - and offer the adequate orientation and introduction of the event. 

Laissez-Passer does not intervene whatsoever in altering what the invited individual/s have to present during the event. We do, however, offer the training and coaching on public speaking and basic policy principles which the inviting agency has to cover financially.

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Mixed Migrants & Refugees

Are you a migrant thriving in your host country?

Rolling basis

We are building a global multi-disciplinary roster of individuals with expertise in the field of mobility and migration not through academic research, degrees, or employment history but through first hand migration and / or asylum seeking experience. 

About you
You are someone who was a former refugee, currently a migrant and have fully resettled in your new hosting country and you have been demonstrably thriving in your new environment both economically and socially. You are critical and passionate about the subject of migration and human mobility barriers and would like to utilize your first hand experience by engaging in policy and protection programs to benefit other fellow migrants who are currently going through a familiar experience to yours. 

Our approach 
We believe that individuals who have experienced migration difficulties first hand as refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants or nationals of restricted passports have invaluable insights that they can bring to policy makers in the sphere of resettlement and migration agencies. We also promote self advocacy and do not think anyone has a free pass to speak on behalf of migrants more than migrants themselves. 

We try to match profiles we receive with relevant consultancy opportunities with organizations and donors that seems distant in their understanding to particular contexts in relation to a humanitarian response or policy development. We also try to engage our pole of migrant consultants with advocacy opportunities in round tables, working groups and international conferences. 

If you find this opportunity relevant to your background and your aspirations we would encourage you to send us an unsolicited application attaching your CV and a brief motivation statement of maximum 200 words via email to with subject line RMI-LP