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 Monetize your visa obtaining experience  

What is a Pathway Associate 

Rolling basis

For visa seekers, someone who has the same passport and who has undergone the visa process to the same destination country is more relevant to consult than a more expensive immigration expert, passport and visa companies that often rely on standard information. 

Yet, finding such individuals is difficult. Pathway Associates are someone who has gone through the visa process and succeeds in obtaining the required traveling permit and developed valuable yet underutilized expertise that is perceived to be none-monetise-able.

We create a framework that enables linking visa seekers to Pathway Associates in which both visa seeker and associates exchange services in a single dashboard access point and through using blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

This includes the facilitation of booking visa appointments, preparation of documents, purchase of travel insurance and automation of supporting documents. 

Become Pathway Associate - Must Haves

 You must be able to demonstrate 

  • You have successfully obtained the visa and/or the residency that you mark in your application as an area of expertise. TravelPathway team will request reference check. 
  • You are familiar with local laws and visa policy or residency regulations of the country/ies you are interested in becoming an associate at. 
  • You understand the challenges and legal implications individual visa seekers or residency seekers may experience in the country/ies you are interested in becoming an associate at.
  • English working competency 
  • Computer working competency 

Note: Speaking additional languages, especially of the country you are interested in becoming an associate for is an asset.  

The social impact we seek 

This approach will establish a dynamic community that feeds real-time information on blockchain in related travel issues (including preparation/changes in procedures) and develops a network of practice. visa seekers and associates can develop and prepare the required documents on a single dashboard to reduce the time required and where a visa application doesn’t have to be a full-time job and where the Pathway Associate can monetize their experience. 

Send us your CV & a Cover Letter highlighting the visa process you understand in-depth and/or the residency/country of which you could become a Pathway Associate.  Your application must be sent with the subject line: TPW-Associate and via email to

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