We link People & Economies

Globalization has created an increasingly dynamic and interconnected world, where goods and people can engage with distant markets and opportunities.   

Yet nations have consistently adopted a closed-border policy to regulate the entry of certain nationalities and restrict access to marginal groups of limited market/ economic value.   

Restricting Human Mobility Rights Widens Global Inequality and Reinforces Underdevelopment

Is it getting harder for you to travel abroad? 

TravelPathway is a user generating citizen identity portal that optimizes an interactive world map based on a user’s passport. Laissez-passer aims to create a digital value chain for visa and legal proceedings in relevance to human mobility where we aggregate applications, automate solutions and link beneficiaries with local agencies and organisations that could offer the required legal support. 

Facilitating human mobility is the cornerstone for inclusive, fair and equitable economic prospects for all


Air passengers needs visa annually 

2.9 Billion

Nationals of the 40 lowest ranking passports


The number of visa rejections per year

Features & Opinion Articles

Articles on mobility, migration, boarders and their economy 

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If visa is not required for your nationality, your gender or age group might make it required!

Why disrupting the current visa obtaining infrastructure is a long overdue? 


08.01.2019 TravelPathway 0.8 Release is published
04.01.2019 Internship for Visa Policy Monitors is open
20.10.2018 Laissez-Passer participated in Startup Istanbul