lɛseɪˈpɑːseɪ, Noun: a document allowing the holder to pass; a permit.   

Facilitating human mobility is the cornerstone for inclusive, fair and equitable economic prospects for all.

LP is a young organisation with a mandate to navigate human domestic and international mobility restrictions and develop tools that enable migration policy and technology to intersect.  


Articles on mobility, migration, boarders and their economy 

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DACA: The Impact of Uncertainty  


Author: Jennifer Samson-billet
Category: Opinion article 
Credits: Photography Fibonacci Blue
The future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a U.S. immigration policy, remains uncertain. Originally, this status provided stability and hope to approximately 800,000 ........Continue reading

The time I got deported 


Author: Islam El-Ghazouly
Category: Opinion article
The passport control officer was struggling to piece together some information on his screen. He called someone over to him as I feigned a casual stance despite my heart racing in my chest................continue reading

Restricting human mobility rights widens global inequality and reinforces underdevelopment


Forcibly displaced population worldwide

2.9 Billion

Nationals of the 40 lowest ranking passports


Air passengers needs visa annually 

Is it getting harder for you to travel abroad? 

Laissez-Passer flagship project TravelPathway is a user generating citizen identity portal that optimizes an interactive world map based on a user’s passport. Laissez-passer aims to create a digital value chain for visa and legal proceedings in relevance to human domistic and international mobility protection risks.


14.05.2019 Laissez-Passer became a member organisation in the International Detention Coalition 
08.01.2019 Laissez-Passer became a member organisation in The Global Civil Society Alliance - CIVICUS